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The Working Group on Active B Stars (WGABS) was formed to promote and stimulate research and international collaboration in the field of active B stars. The WGABS is open to all researchers interested in the field.

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 Dr. Zhenru Wang (1937-2017)

Wa are very sad to have to have to inform the community of the passing of IAU Member Dr. Zhenru Wang  from China, Nanjing, who passed away on December 20th, 2017, but we were only just informed about it. She was a member of IAU Divisions D and G and our Active B Stars WG

Working Group report to the IAU 2018

In preparation for the next general assembly the WG needs to submit a report of the past three years since the last GA.To do so, we would very much appreciate the input of the community, highlighting the activities of the past three years, such as meetings, important publications, new large collaborations formed, and other results


To register with a non-institutional email address (like gmail), please send an additional email to activebstars@astro.iag.usp.br with your real name. This will be treated confidential.

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