The Be Star Newsletter

The Be Star Newsletter is an electronic and paper journal, refereed internally with occasional help from outside referees. The Be Star Newsletter is open to all contributions (observations, theory, or other news) concerning early-type stars and especially hot, near main-sequence stars. The goal of the Newsletter is to foster communication between researchers interested in this field of stellar astronomy.

The first issue of the Be Star Newsletter was published in January, 1980 under the editorship of Mercedes Jaschek, who continued as Editor through 1987 (see Jaschek, M. 1990, Be Star Newsletter , 22, 5). Since then, Geraldine Peters has acted as Editor-in-Chief, with production done initially by Technical Editor Dietrich Baade at the European Southern Observatory headquarters in Garching, Germany. Volume 28 of the Be Star Newsletter marked the first issue of the electronic edition of the journal, which was produced together with the paper edition by Technical Editor Douglas R. Gies at the Georgia State University Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy. From Volume 34 to Volume 40, the electronic edition has been produced by David McDavid, at the University of Virginia. From Volume 41 onwards this will be done by Thomas Rivinius at the European Southern Observatory and Alex Carciofi at the Instituto de Astronomia, Geofísica e Ciências Atmosféricas at the Universidade de São Paulo,  Gies will continue as Technical Editor of the paper edition.

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