BeSS Activity reports

The BeSS database is a resource publishing spectra of Be stars, classical and otherwise, including contributions from very active amateur colleagues. Per month between 100 and 200 new spectra are uploaded to the database. Valerie Desnoux undertakes the effort to sight the material and to compile a monthly report, including what stars have been observed, pointing out interesting evolutions like long-term variability, such as V/R changes, decaying disks, and building disks, and as well reporting on ongoing campaigns and publications based on BeSS data.

We are grateful for Valerie's permission to re-publish these report on our pages. For the current (August 2014) and future reports, we will publish them in the forum to enable discussion and link the posts from this page. For reference, earlier reports, dating back to August 2012, are available for download below as well. The original reports are available here.



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