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TOPIC: Talk videos

Talk videos 9 years 8 months ago #2

Since more and more talks are being recorded, it was my idea to make the ones relevant/of interest to our community available at a central resource, i.e. here.

At the moment the most conservative plan is that one submits a plain forum thread with the link to the talk, and maybe date/place/abstract as additional info. If users wish to discuss the talk, ask questions etc. they can do in the thread following the original post.

However, there might be more fancy options. We could create a generic youtube account to host talks submitted to us. It is possible to lift the 15min chunk limit by registering your account with a mobile phone. That would require that the people submitting talks need to be actual right holders, or have their permissions. For videos, these would both be the recording institution and the speaker. I don't think that would be a problem, but it needs to be done proper. There are several extensions to integrate Youtube to Joomla.

Finally, hosting the talk archive at USP is currently not an option, because we're running on the institute server, and 1h or so video is quite large in size and requires some computing power to stream it. However, in short time, the institute will acquire and activate a dedicated virtual observatory server, with sufficient storage and performance to run our little service completely piggy-back without even noticing the load. This would enable a full integration into the site.

I would like to ask whether you see enough potential in this to be worth the effort. We could, in principle, also upload lectures, workshops, conferences etc. The 2005 Sapporo conference was recorded, for instance (though it is probably too long ago to upload that particular one).

Thanks for your opinions,

PS: I made it more general, it's a "presentation archive" now.
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